Thursday, June 6, 2019

Unit of Measure Used in Bin Transfer

For Bin Transfer Saved Search, the results will display Quantity in Base Units while the transaction will show Quantity in Stock Units. To illustrate, assume that an Item is using a Unit of Measure where Base Unit is Each and Stock Unit is Dozen where Conversion is 1 Dozen = 12 Each. Therefore, if a user enters a Bin Transfer for Quantity = 1 then after saving, the form will show 0.08333 because it will be converted to the Stock Unit (1/12 = 0.08333).

Currently, the ability to show Units of Measure in a Bin Transfer is still filed as Enhancement# 174367. To display Units of Measure on a Bin Transfer Saved Search, users can add Item Fields: Stock Unit since Bin Transfer will always use this as the Unit of Measure.

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