Saturday, June 29, 2019

Unticking Notify Attendees by Email still Sends Out emails to Event Attendees

Below is an explanation on how the emailing on event works and the said checkbox Notify Attendees by Email is designed for:

1. First, the preference from Home > Set Preferences > Activities tab controls what kind of attendees get an email, by default. If users pick Internally then it is just employees by default. If users pick To all invitees then it is everyone. Notice that there is no No one option. 

2.  The checkbox next to each attendee is automatically checked or unchecked, when the attendee is added, based on the preference (Home > Set Preference > Activities). So if the preference is set to Internally then it is checked for employees only.

3. The checkbox Notify Attendees by Email is a smart check-all  box, and what it does is either check every attendee, or uncheck every attendee. It is smart because it also obeys the preference, in the following way: If the preference is set to Internally then it only checks employees.

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