Saturday, July 13, 2019

Add Meta Tags in the Product List Page of Reference Shopflow using Content Delivery

Upon installation and deployment of Reference Shopflow, home and product pages are pre-configured.

To add meta tags in the product list page (<domain>/search):
1. As a pre-requisite, Content Delivery Service (Bundle 33437) must be installed the account.
2. Navigate to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Content Delivery,
3. Click New Enhanced Page
4. Enter a Name
5. Select the Site
6. In the Target URL tab, add /search
7. In the Content Rule tab,  add a blank content and set:
a. Target = #empty
b. Content = HTML type with no content (simply add an empty DIV or space)
8. In the Advanced tab, enter the sample values:
a. Page Title = Landing Page Test
b. Meta Keywords = Computers,Printers,Phones
c. Meta Description = Bargain electronics
9. Click Save

Preview the product list page and view the page source to see the meta tags.



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