Sunday, July 7, 2019

Budget vs Actual Reports by Customer to Display Roll up Sales Total on Top level customer

Financial report actual amounts  sourced its balance from the transaction record on a per  customer basis. Thus when you filter the income statement report to parent customer's name. This will only bring the balances of transactions posted to the parent customer and exclude the subcustomer's balances. To create a  custom Budget vs Actual Reports by Customer to display Roll up Sales total on Top level customer:

1. Navigate to Reports > Banking/Budgeting > Budget vs Actual

2. Click on Customize

3. Click on Edit Layout

4. Highlight Income section

5. Set Group by = Customer

6. Set Then by = Account

7. Click on Preview

8. On results, click on Options and set Expand level = 2

9. Click on Return to customization

10. Save and rename the report

This will show the Roll up Total Sales amount for each top level customer. To view details of the balance, click on the +icon next to top parent customer name. Report will expand to show the subchild customer balances.




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