Thursday, July 4, 2019

Change Footer Font Size for Marketing Email

User can use two types of footer while sending an marketing email: Unsubscribe Footer and Global Footer. The Global Footer will be displayed on each email below the Unsubscribe Footer. The sizes of Footer Font Size are set separately for each type of footer.

  • Font Size of the Unsubscribe Footer:
    The Font Size of the Unsubscribe Footer is defined in Setup > Marketing > Marketing Preferences > Subscription tab > Unsubscribe Footer Font Size.


  • Font Size of the Global Footer:
    The Font Size of the Global Footer is defined in Setup > Company > Email Preferences > General. The Global Footer can be customized using HTML tags. User can change the size of this text by adding the HTML tag <font size=""> (at the beginning of the Global Footer text) and </font> (at the end of the Global Footer text). Example: <font size="1"> This is footer text. </font>

Note: The settings for the Global Footer will apply to every outbound email message other than transactions, including emailed transaction forms, individually sent email, email merges, campaign email, and system response email.

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