Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Create A Report that Determines Which Department Made The Highest Revenue by Item


1. Go to Reports > Sales > Sales by Item > Customize Summary.          
2. In the Edit Columns, open the Sales Folder > Department Folder > and click on Name.         
3. Move the Department: Name column to the very left so that it becomes the first column of the report.           
4. Remove columns Item Type and Item Description.        
5. Highlight the Item column then mark the box Group With Previous Column.   
6. On the Filters tab, open Sales Folder > Item Folder > select the specific Item. 
7. On the Sorting tab > open the Sales Folder > click Transaction Total (Revenue) > check the box under Descending column.  
8. Move the Transaction Total (Revenue) to the top of the Sort Order.    
9. Name the report.    
10. Hit Preview or Save.       

On the footer, the user may select the specific date range or period.           

Note: The report shows the total revenue by department for each item sorted in descending order. The first department on the list is the department that made the highest revenue for a particular item.


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