Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Create a Sublist using User Notes

The following steps help users on creating a User Note Saved Search and make it available as a Sublist on a particular record.

I. Create a User Notes search.
1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
2. Select User Note.
3. Enter a Search Title, for example Case Notes.
4. Mark the Available As Sublist View checkbox.
5. Under the Results tab > Columns subtab, add the fields as needed.
6. Under the Available Filters tab > Filter subtab, add Author and mark the Show in Footer checkbox.
7. Click Save.

II. Create a Sublist.
1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Sublists.
2. Select the tab corresponding to the type of record where the search shows as a sublist. For this example Cases.
3. Click the CRM tab.
4. Select the name of the Search created on Step I on the Search column. E.g. Case Notes.
5. Enter a name for the Label column. E.g. Case Notes Sublist.
6. Select the name of the tab where users want to display this sublist under the Tab column.
7. Put a checkmark for the Case column.
8. Click Save.

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