Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Customize a Report to Display Total Amounts Per Employee, Department and Payroll Item

Standard Report for Payroll commonly display items by row. To achieve different format, we may create a report from scratch by using Matrix Report.

Steps to create a matrix report:  

A. Create Transaction Column Field
--Customization > Lists, Records, & FieldsTransaction Line Fields > New
--Enter name of column field next to Label field
--Type = List/Record
--List/Record = Employee
--Store Value = True
--Click Save

B. Create New Report
--Reports > New Report > Transactions
--Enter name of report next to Report Title
1. Select the field you want to report on.
Metric = Amount

2. Select the format of the report.
Click the radio button next to Matrix

3. Select how you want to subtotal the report.
a. Component = Transactions
b. Field = search for the transaction column field created in letter A above

4. Data Column = Payroll Item

--Click More Customization
--Click Edit Columns
--Click Transactions Folder
--Click Department Folder > click Name
--Click Entity Folder > Click Name (2nd field)
--Click Payroll Item Folder > Click Type (1st)
--On the Report Preview pane, move the columns to the left following this format:

Custom Transaction Field
Department Name
Entity Name
Payroll Item Type

--Go to Payroll Item Type column and click Group With Previous Column checkbox
--Preview or Save

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