Saturday, July 6, 2019

FAM-Asset Type record > Accounts tab > FAM-Last Proposal Dates sub tab > add/ view subsidiaries


·        Navigate to FixedAssets > Setup > Asset Types

·        View AssetType record

·        Request to view Last Proposal Dates for all subsidiaries under the Accounts tab



For FAM-Asset Type record/s to show in the Accountstab > FAM-Last Proposal Dates sub tab for all subsidiaries asproposed:

1.   Navigate to Fixed Assets > Transactions >Asset Proposal

2.   Choose the FAM-Asset Type(s)

3.   Add in the subsidiary name

a.    Do not just choose the Parent Subsidiary nameand check Include Children because it will not work

b.   Add the subsidiary name(s) manually (one by one) inthe Subsidiary box

4.   Hit Propose New Assets


When the user goes back to the FAM-AssetType record, user should now see the subsidiary(s) in the list that wewish to see.

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