Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Include Shipping Cost in the Return Authorization

Shipping Cost of orders are not carried over into the Return Authorization screen.

Currently, it is still an enhancement under issue # 102685: Return Authorizations > Would like to carry the Shipping Cost into the Return Authorization when issuing the Refund.

The reason why the behaviour is like this is because technically we cannot receive again or return the shipping cost we have already paid when we shipped the items to the customer. So the system is not including this when we issue refund to the customer.

Alternate Solution:

Create a Shipping Cost item which we can add as we issue return authorizations. Below are the steps:

1.       Navigate to List > Accounting > Items > New.

2.       Select Other Charge: For Sale.

3.       Name this Item (Ex. Shipping Cost)

4.       Under Accounting tab, select an Income Account (Ex. Freight and Delivery).

5.       Click Save.

Process Return Authorization:

1.       Go to Customer Record.

2.       Under Sales tab > Transactions Sub tab > select Invoice with status Paid In Full > Take note of Shipping Cost in the Summary box or Shipping tab of the Invoice.

3.       Click Authorize Return button.

4.       Add Shipping Cost Item.

5.       Manually enter the unit price equals to the Shipping Cost you noted in Step 2.

6.       Click Save.

Process Refund from the Return Authorization:

1.       Click on Refund button.

2.       Click Save.

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