Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Journal Entries Report showing debit equals credit


·        Reportof Journal Entries showing debit equals credit for accountant andnon-accountant to use



·        Thereis no standard Journal Entry report in NetSuite

·        Enhancement#23767 has been filed torequest for this feature


Alternate Solutions:
Option 1:

·        Navigateto Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New

·        Clickon Transaction

·        Addthe following filters under the Criteria tab > Standard subtab

·        Type = Journal

·        Date = choose the preferred date range

·        Under the Results tab:

·        Set Consolidated Exchange Rates =None

·        Under the Columns sub tab:

·        RemoveAmount field

·        Addthe following fields:

·        Amount (Debit)

·        Amount (Credit)

·        Entera Search Title

·        Save & Run


Option 2:

·        Navigateto Reports > Financial > General Ledger > Customize

·        UnderEdit Columns tab:

·        Movethe Transaction Number column to the left (Group = True)

·        Belowit should be the Transaction Date column

·        Removethe check mark of Add Running Balance Column under Debit/Credit column

·        Underthe Filters tab:

·        Openthe Transaction folder

·        Clickon Transaction Type

·        Setvalue to Journal

·        Setthe other filters (Period Range, Location, Department, etc.) as needed

·        Underthe Sorting tab:

·        MoveNumber (Grouped) field at the top (first line)

·        Movethe Date field below Number (Grouped)

·        Renamethe report to Journal Report

·        Preview or Save the report

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