Monday, July 1, 2019

Move Printing Fields on the Transaction PDF Template

Steps for moving the field out of Body Fields block on the Invoice Transaction PDF form.This works only for Body Fields not for Columns.

  • Navigate to Customization > FormsTransaction Forms
  • Select preferred Invoice form for editing and go to Printing Fields subtab
  • Find appropriate field(s) and set Print/Email = F (uncheck)
  • Click Save
  • Navigate to Customization > FormsTransaction PDF Layouts
  • Select preferred Invoice template for editing
  • Click on Add Custom Element and select the field that should be moved and click OK
  • New element will show on the form and it can be placed it wherever
  • Click Save
Note: The custom element cannot be set to be a part of Header, Footer, Columns or Body Fields. It is only separate object on the layout and it doesn't respect any size changes of other fields.

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