Tuesday, July 9, 2019

NetSuite for Outlook > Unable to Synchronize events > Error logs: Invalid date range. The start time must be earlier than the end time.

This error is caused by Outlook events where the Start Time is equal to the End time. By default, NetSuite will not let users create events when Start Time is equal to the End Time but Microsoft Outlook allows this. To resolve this issue, users will need to edit the events in question.

1. Right-click the NetSuite for Outlook icon on the system tray.
2. Select View Error...
3. Look for the Calendar Event in question and select View in Outlook.
4. On the Event's page window, change the Start Time earlier than the End Time or set the End Time later than the Start Time.
5. Click Save & Close.

If it is a recurring event, it is best to update the series in Outlook to avoid future errors.
1. Navigate to your Outlook Calendar.
2. Double-click the recurring event.
3. On the Open Recurring Item pop up window, select Open the series.
4. On the Appointment Series page, click Recurrence.
5. Under the Appointment time portion, set the Start field earlier than the End field or set the End field later than the Start field.
6. Click OK.
7. Click Save & Close.

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