Friday, July 12, 2019

Perform CSV Import Using Special Characters (e.g. Ñ, ñ)


For successful import of CSV file containing special characters, follow these steps:
  1. Prepare CSV file for import:
    1. Open the CSV File using Notepad ++.
    2. In Notepad++, navigate to File > Save As..
    3. On File Name field, assign a different name.
    4. On Encoding field, select "Convert to UTF-8".
    5. Make sure it is comma separated, Excel exports CSV as semi-colon separated.
    6. Click Save
  2. Import the file:
    1. Go to Setup > Import/Export > Import Tasks > Import CSV Records
    2. Select Import Type (relationships), Record Type (Customer Only) - or upon your preferences
    3. Select Character Encoding: "Unicode (UTF-8)"
    4. Select CSV file created in steps 1.1. - 1.6.
    5. Click Next
    6. Select appropriate data handling. Click "Next"
    7. Map fields correctly
    8. Click Next
    9. Enter Import Map Name
    10. Click Save & Run

CSV file is now imported with special characters.

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