Friday, July 12, 2019

Remove Trailing Spaces on Texts Set in the Sale and Purchase Description Fields of Item Record


The user needs to create an Item Saved Search to remove the trailing spaces in the description fields.  Here are the steps:

-Navigate to Reports>Saved Searches>All Saved Searches>New

-Select Search Type = Item

-Enter the desired title of the search under the Search Title field

-Navigate to Criteria tab>Standard subtab> Filter column.  Add:

a. Type = select the item types that would be needed.

-Navigate to Results tab>Columns subtab>Field column and add the following:

a. Internal ID

b. Name

c. Formula (Text) |Formula: RTRIM({description}) | Custom Label: Sales Description

d. Formula (Text) |Formula: RTRIM({purchasedescription}) | Custom Label: Purchase Description

-Hit Save & Run button and export the report results as necessary


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