Thursday, July 11, 2019

Reports Snapshot > Custom field Used as Date Range

When creating Leads, NetSuite automatically sets Date Created as real actual date. The same is for Import of Leads. All Leads imported one specific day have Date Created the same.  That's why users might need to create a new Date Created Custom field to set different Date Created.

Report Snapshots do not reflect any Custom Fields as Date Range. When working with Date Created Custom Field for Leads, Date Range doesn't reflect this and use Standard Date Created field. This can't be changed currently and is under Enhancement 109537.

Here is an alternate solution when users can create a Saved Search and display it on Dashboard as Custom Search with Filter using Custom Date Created field as Date Range.

  1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
  2. Select Customer.
  3. Enter Search Title.
  4. Available as Dashboard View set to true.
  5. Under Criteria: Stage: Lead.
  6. Under Results:
    Created Date (Custom)
    --> Lead Source
  7. Available Filter:
    --> Created Date (Custom) This allows users to set Date Range based on Custom Created Date field.
  8. Save&Run.

Exact steps how to add Saved Search to the Dashboard can be found under following SuiteAnswers article: Displaying Saved Search Results in Dashboard Portlets, Answer Id: 8479

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