Monday, July 1, 2019

Retrieve List of Email Addresses of Users Using Web Services via 'Export - CSV' Button

NetSuite provides Administrators detailed logs about Web Services requests and responses. Although these logs can be used for different purposes one of the most important information about Web Services communication is under which user the communication is done.

A list of email addresses under which the requests are sent can be obtained by following steps:
1. Go to Setup > Integration > Web Services Usage Log
2. Click on User column on header - log will be ordered by user's email
3. On the bottom of the page will be displayed From-To drop down list
4. Inspecting this list gives good overview about used accounts
5. If there are many emails the log can be exported by clicking on Export - CSV button. The email addresses can be filtered out in Excel or other tool

Examples of list of emails usage:
1. Forwarding NetSuite announcements about any update or change to right people
2. Overview of Web Services' usage (who uses it, when and how much)

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