Sunday, July 7, 2019

Revenue Recognition Forecast Report : Display Recognized Portion of Revenue Recognition Schedules per Period

1. Navigate to Reports > Revenue > Revenue Recognition Forecast Report

2. At the footer of the report, select Accounting Period from the Column field dropdown list.

3. Click Refresh button.

Notice that only the deferred portion of a Revenue Recognition Schedule is showing up on the report per period. 

If the user wants to see the recognized revenue per period, 

1. Click on More link found at the bottom of the report.

2. Mark the Is Recognized checkbox.

4. Click Refresh button.

However, the report will not reflect both the deferred and recognized portion of the revenue recognition schedule on one page.  This feature is still an enhancement request with #152928 - Reports > Revenue > Revenue Recognition Forecast > Check the Is Recognized box > Ability to retain the information regarding the deferred revenue after clicking the Is Recognized box to show both the deferred and the recognized revenue in one page.

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