Thursday, July 11, 2019

Save Search/Report > Purchase Order unapplied to Vendor Bills and Item Receipts


·        Save Search/Report that shows the Purchase Orders with ApplyingTransaction(s) not equal to VendorBills and Item Receipts



To show PurchaseOrders with no applying transaction(s):

·        Navigateto Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Transactions

·        Add the following filters under the Criteriatab > Standard sub tab

Type= Purchase Order

MainLine = True

Memorized= False

ApplyingTransaction:Type = is none of Bill, Item Receipt

·        Lookfor the Applying Transactions Fields..

·        ChooseType in the pop up box's Applying Transaction Filter

·        ChooseType = none of

·        Typein or click the Select Multiple button and choose Bill and ItemReceipt

·        Add/removecolumns in the Results tab > Columns sub tab as needed

·        Rename then Save & Run or Preview thesearch

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