Sunday, July 7, 2019

Search to Identify Customers with Two Identical Address Entries

On a per Customer basis, user needs to find all the customers that have a Default Billing and Default Shipping address that are the same.

1. Customer Net has 2 Address Book Entries - ID 1 and ID 2. The address is the same but ID 1 is marked default shipping and ID 2 is marked default billing - both entries should be returned.

2. Customer Suite has 2 Address Book Entries ID 3 and ID4. ID 3 is Default Billing and Default Shipping; ID 4 is an old address - none of these should show in the results

The end result is to find those customers and Addressbook Entries where the addressbook internal ID is different but the contents of the entry are the same, just one is Default Shipping and one is Default Billing.

Possible Solution:

You can use this formula in your Criteria:

Formula(Numeric) = CASE WHEN {isdefaultbilling} = {isdefaultshipping} AND {isdefaultbilling} = 'T' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END is equal to 1

Then, on the Results tab you can add Address. By doing so, only Addresses that are both the Default Shipping and Billing will show up.


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