Tuesday, July 16, 2019

To Remove Center Tabs, Center Categories or Links from Advanced Partner Center


1.  Navigate to Setup> Users/Roles > Manage Roles

1.  Locate "Advanced Partner Centre", Click"Customize" button

2.  Enter Name (Example:"Customize - Advanced Partner Centre")

3.  Permissions > Setup > add Custom Center Category,Custom Center Tabs & Publish Dashboards

4.  Level = Full

5.  Save


2.  Switch Role to Customize -Advanced Partner Centre (e.g. assign it to some Partner and then log is asrespective Partner)


3.  Remove Center Tabs:

1.  Go to Center Tab you wantto remove (e.g. Cases)

2.  Click Set Up Custom tab in top right corner

3.  Select Audience

4.  Uncheck Select All

5.  Select Customize - AdvancedPartner Centre, NOT Advanced PartnerCentre

6.  Save

7.  Do the same procedure forany Center Tab you want to remove from "Advanced Partner Centre"


4.  Remove Centre Categories

1.  Click Set Up Custom tab intop right corner

2.  Content > Categories subtab

3.  Click Category you want toremove and Select "Remove" from the menu

4.  Repeat for any Centercategory you want to remove

5.  Save


5.  Remove Centre Categories Links

1.  Go to Center Tab you whereyou want to remove some Categories Links (e.g. Customers - Leads and Prospects)

2.  Edit Custom Tab (located at upper right corner of menu tabs next to PersonalizeDashboard)
**Note: If you do not see the EditCustom Tab, clear your browser's cache.

3.  Click Save without doinganything. Confirm Pop up message.

4.  Content > Categories subtab = Notice:Relationship

5.  Edit button should now beavailable

6.  Click Edit

7.  CustomCenter Category > Values> Link = Select those you want to remove and then Remove

8.  Repeat for any CenterCategory Link you want to remove

9.  Save

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