Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Type options for Standard Content when Personalizing Dashboard for Custom Tab

Creating Center Tabs enables users to add Custom Tabs to roles. Users can also personalize their Dashboard regarding their needs. Please perform following steps to add Type options for Standard Content on your Dashboard under Custom Tab:

  1. Navigate to Customization > Centers and Tabs >  Center Tabs > Select custom tab you want to add Type options for Standard Content > Edit

  2. Content subtab > Portlets sublist > Add following Types
    -> Activities
    -> Calendar
    -> Custom Search
    -> KPI Scorecard
    -> Key Performance Indicators
    -> Links
    -> List
    -> Quick Search
    -> Recent Records
    -> Reminders
    -> Search Form
    -> Setting
    -> Shortcuts
    or add any other Type which you would like to see.

  3. Click Save

After this change, please navigate to your Custom Tab > Personalize Dashboard > Standard Content > you should see all added Type options.

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