Sunday, July 7, 2019

Unable to Save an Item Fulfillment from a Purchase Order where the Item Marked Shipped is a Non-Inventory Item For Resale that is Set as a Drop Ship Item: “There are no committed items on this transaction it cannot be fulfilled”


When a Non-Inventory Item for Resale is set as a Drop Ship Item by default, the system automatically creates a Drop Ship Purchase Order however; the system will disallow the user to save an Item Fulfillment created from the Purchase Order after clicking the Mark Shipped button if the Can be Fulfilled/Received preference of the latter item is not marked.

To resolve, edit the item record and navigate to Preferences tab then mark the Can be Fulfilled/Received checkbox.  Hit Save

Note: A user can only mark the Can be Fulfilled/Received checkbox if there are no transactions recorded for the item.


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