Monday, July 1, 2019

Workflow to hide fields in view mode for records with specific condition

A workflow that hides fields on the customer record whenever the customer has specific subsidiary can be defined as follows:

Workflow Name: Customer Hide Details in View
Record Type = Customer
SubType = Customer

Intitiation: Event Based
Event Definition:
On Create, On Update selected
Trigger Type = Before Record Load
Event Type = View

Condition: Subsidiary = ABC Subsidiary

State 1: Hide Fields
Action 1: Set Field Display Type
Trigger On = Before Record Load
Field: Date of Birth
Display Type = Hidden

Action 2: Set Field Display Type
Trigger On = Before Record Load
Field: Language
Display Type = Hidden

Actions will have to be set for each of the fields that should be hidden on the form.


  1. I am hiding fields, and they are hidden in edit mode but as soon as I save it or load it, it will show.
    I have the event types already picked as view, but it is still showing in view mode. This is happening to all my fields that I have hidden.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share this! Is there a more efficient approach for hiding multiple fields? I am wanting to apply a similar workflow to hide "terms", "credit limit" and various other accounting-related fields from various different roles. Thanks again.