Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Run a Commission Report to Display Transactions for a Particular Sales Rep

The Subsidiary Context on Commission Reports refers to the Subsidiary set on the commission schedules. If a user then tries to run the Commission Overview report to list transactions of Sales Reps and sets the Subsidiary Context to the Parent Company but sees transactions for sales reps in other subsidiaries when drilling down into the details, perform the following to run a commission report to show transactions for a particular sales rep:

1.    Revisit the Commission Plan where the sales rep is assigned to. Navigate to Lists > Commissions > Employee Plan Assignments.

2.    Select the plan of the sales rep.

3.    Revisit the Commission Schedules attached to the commission plan. Take note of the Subsidiary set on the schedule.

4.    When running the commission report, make sure to set the Subsidiary Context field to the Subsidiary of the commission schedule used for the sales rep.

5.    Customize the report to filter for the desired Sales Rep.

Note: Users may need to run the commission reports using different subsidiaries if the commission schedules assigned to the sales rep belong to different subsidiaries.

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