Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Web Site Down / Homepage Not Loading

Here are the basic things userscan check if unable to access the NetSuite hosted website:


A.   Try to view the web site using adifferent browser, machine or connection – to check if the site is just beingblocked on user's machine or connection (firewall). User might want to visit or to verify if the site is really down or just a problem on their own network.


B.  Verify if the NetSuite web store is really down by removing the webdomain

1.   Navigate to Setup> Site Builder > Set Up Web Site > edit the site

2.   Under Setup tab the Web SiteHome page Type = make sure it is set to Web Site Tab and not HostedWeb Page, then select any presentation tab on the Web Site Home Page field thenSave.

3.   Under Domains tab >make the Primary Web Site URL field blank then Save.

4.   Navigate to  Setup > SiteBuilder > Preview Web Site > copy the URL or just click Preview Site link.

If the site comes up, then contact theDNS provider to check if their service/domain is down. Please refer toSuiteAnswers ID 27473 Setting Up Domain Names in NetSuite to know more abouthow to setup and properly point the domain to NetSuite's shopping server.

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