Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Change Transaction Fields Labels on Transaction Forms for Print in Customer's Locale in Other Languages

Prerequisites: Non-OneWorld Account with Multi-Language feature enabled, English (International) as Localization and customers with Language set to German, French and English.
When transactions are printed in Customer's Locale and the customer has other language than the one set in Home > Set Preferences > Localization > Language field labels are standard translations provided by NetSuite.
User wants to change these labels for the particular language of customer to see the customized label instead of the standard NetSuite translation.

For example: The user has Localization Language set to English (International) and changes Total Tax to TVA on Sales Order by form customization.
When printing a Sales Order for a French customer through Print in Customer's Locale the Tax label changes to Impôts while desired is to have TVA.

Although the Administrator changed the labels for his current language (which is English (International)), this doesn't have any effect on the other languages and additional changes are required.


  • In OneWorld Edition and with the Advanced Taxes feature enabled, changes in the tax fields labeling can be done by Customizing Tax Fields on Transaction Forms
  • For non-OneWorld accounts, label changes are done by changing the language preference, editing the transaction form labels in that specific language and then changing back to initial language.


  1. Login using an Administrator role and navigate to Home > Set Preferences
  2. Under General tab > Localization section, change the Language to wanted one (ie. French(France)) and Save. Application's interface will change to given language(French).
  3. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms and Edit the preferred transaction form.
    (path in French Configuration > Personnalisation > Formulaires > Écrans de transaction personnalisés and click on Modifier)
  4. Navigate to Printing Fields > Footer (French: Champs d'impression > Bas de page). Locate the field with description Total des impôts and Etiquette as Impôts. Change this label to TVA.
  5. Save the form.
  6. Navigate to Home > Set Preferences(French path Accueil > Définir les préférences) and under Localisation change back the Language to English(International) and Save (Enregistrer).

Now when user prints Sales Orders for a French customer in Customer's Locale TVA is displayed instead of Impôts.

Note: Same scenario can be applied for all the other languages of customers in non-OneWorld accounts.

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