Saturday, June 22, 2019

Display the Shipping Address Label of the Transaction on a Saved Search

Right now the only way to display the Address Label is by pulling it from the Customer/Vendor fields list. It is currently not exposed as one of the Transaction fields. However if you just pull up the Address Label from the Customer/Vendor Fields, your results will be duplicated based on the number of addresses you have on the record.

To show only the label of the address used on the transaction, we can just use the formula below on the search:

1. Under Criteria tab, add "Formula (Numeric)" field

Formula = case when {shipaddress1} = {customer.address1} then 1 else 0 end

Formula (Numeric) = equal to > Value = 1

2. Under Results tab, add "Formula (Text)" field

Formula = case when {shipaddress1} = {customer.address1} then {customer.addresslabel} else null end

Note:  For Vendor transactions, kindly replace {customer.address1} with {vendor.address1} and {vendor.addresslabel}

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