Thursday, June 27, 2019

Expose the Customer Record's User Notes History on Phone Call Form

1. Navigate to Customization Forms Subtabs.
2. CRM > Type in User Notes.
3. Click on Save.
4. Lists Search Saved Searches > New.
5. Click on User Note.
6. Available Filters Filter=Internal ID (Number)> Click on Add.
7. Enter a Search Title > Set to Public and Available as Sublist View.
8. Click on Save & Run.
9. Customization Forms Sublists.
10. Select CRM:
  • Search = Select the newly created User Note Search
  • Label User Notes
  • Tab User Notes
  • Call Yes
  • Field = Company
11. Click on Save.
12. To test, navigate to Activities Scheduling Phone Calls New.
13. Under Related Records, select a Company. Once done, select the User Notes subtab and notice that the User Notes for that Customer/Company is now showing.

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