Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Automatic Update of Endicia on NetSuite Addresses

The US Postal Service has a certification program that validates addresses against actual USPS databases so businesses can reduce postage costs on mass-mailing marketing pushes. Endicia automatically shows suggested address matches during shipping.

NetSuite however, performs the following validations:

  • If the address on NetSuite account has an Invalid City, but Correct Zip and State, label prints with the Correct city (auto corrected based on Zip and State)
  • If there is an invalid Zip and State combination, a message is thrown that address cannot be validated, thus a manual correction needs to be done.

It has to be noted that the address validation only kicks in when label is requested. Only the shipping label address is updated and corrected. The transaction address and customer address on NetSuite is not updated.

Note: Users may attach their case to Enhancement 40007 : Endicia (USPS) integration- when an address is partially matched or the formatting is not quite right, Endicia would send back suggested corrections.

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