Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Unable to Save Item Fulfillment Due to Missing or Invalid Ship from Phone Number

There may be an instance when users save an Item Fulfillment and receive "Missing or invalid ship from phone number.".

Along with Shipping Integration, it is mandatory to have a Ship From phone number (your company's phone number). NetSuite prevents users from saving Item Fulfillment without a valid Ship From phone number.

Consider the following that may have caused the error:

  • There is no phone number entered in Setup > Company > Company Information.
  • The format of the phone number may be incorrect. Phone numbers can be entered in the following formats: 999-999-9999, 1-999-999-9999, (999) 999-9999, 1(999) 999-9999 or 999-999-9999 ext 9999.
  • If Multi-Location Inventory is enabled, there might be no phone number entered on the location record under Setup > Company > Locations.

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