Saturday, September 15, 2018

Case Submission Behavior During NetSuite's Scheduled Downtime

When NetSuite is down, customers can still submit cases via Support Address/ Email Case Capture.

Case capture emails received during Planned Maintenance (including the Upgrade) or unscheduled down times are stored until after the Account comes back Online. At that point, they'll be retried to create cases. The emails should only be rejected if there's a genuine Application error (either an unexpected error in our code or some kind of user error).

Below are the key points on how NetSuite secures messages sent by Customers when system is down:

1. NetSuite's way of storing messages via mail relays
- There is a number of redundant mail relays that queue messages inbound to NetSuite system.
These relays are independent from NetSuite application and do not run on NetSuite codes.
This means that downtime on NetSuite does not affect downtime on these relays and therefore makes the email storage safe.

2. Messages are stored/ kept in queue for two days
- Messages sent during downtime will be queued until NetSuite system is up/ able to process it via case creation.

Initially, relays will retry sending of messages after two minutes and back off in 60 second increments.
It will continue to retry, until it reaches a maximum retry interval of 15 minutes.
It will only retry for up to two days, so if the site is 100% down for over 2 days, messages will begin to bounce.

*Note: There are no occurrences of lost cases due to NetSuite downtime.

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