Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sort the Item Dropdown List by Item Name When Entering Sales Order from the Customer Center

When creating an order in the Customer Center through the Enter an Order link, the Items are sorted by item type, for example:

  • Inventory Item from A-Z
  • Assembly items from A-Z

To have the item list appear in alphabetical order regardless of the item type, perform the following steps:

     1. Navigate to Setup > Company > General Preferences (Admin).

     2. Set the Maximum Entries in Dropdowns field to Zero.

     3. Click Save.

Instead of a pull down menu, the item column shows a double chevron (>>). When clicked, it lists down the items regardless of type in alphabetical order.

Note: Change made in Company Preference applies to all users in the account. Optional: Allow Maximum Entries in Dropdowns field to be overriden so employees can each set their own preferences at Home > Set Preferences.

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