Thursday, September 20, 2018

Change Transactional Password in Paypal Manager

For users to change Transactional Password in Paypal Manager, perform the following:

1.    Visit

2.    Partner = Payflow Pro Partner ID.

3.    Merchant Login = Payflow Pro User ID.

4.    Password = Current Payflow Pro Transaction Password,

5.    Navigate to Account Administration > Manage Security > Select Change Password.

6.    Click Change Your Password link.

7.    Make the necessary changes.

8.    Click Update.


Note: This password change is effective for both Manager and Payflow processing. If you change your password, the new password will work the next time you log into Manager, and will work immediately for PayFlow Pro transactions. If you do not change your software to use the new password, your PayFlow Pro transactions will begin to fail within the next hour.


9.    If users want to create a separate password for Paypal Manager login, select Create Separate

10.  Password link.

11.  Make the necessary changes.

12.  Click Update.

13.  Login to NetSuite.

14.  Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Credit Card Processing.

15.  Click Edit next to Payflow Pro account.

16.  Enter & Re-enter new Payflow Pro Transactional Password.

      17. Click Save.

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