Friday, September 14, 2018

Check Current Storage Capacity in OpenAir

The storage capacity in OpenAir is calculated across all Workspaces (not per project or document). Storage use also includes attachments to objects throughout the system, such as envelopes, invoices, tasks, etc. You are currently using X% (X MB) of the storage space outlined in your contract (X MB).

To see the details on the storage status, users may: 

  1. Navigate to Administration module > Application Settings tab > Workspaces Settings > Account storage. As a side note, in our November 2008 release, OpenAir introduced Storage alerts, which are available to all accounts using the Workspaces module. 

To create a storage alert:

  1. Navigate to: Workspaces module > Alerts > All > Create New (+ button) > New account storage alert ...

Users can set up as many alerts as you want for a defined percentage of storage capacity used in your account. This alert can then be emailed to any number of email addresses. To give you an idea, 200 MB is approximately: 2000 5-Page MS Word Documents 200 25-slide PowerPoint Presentations 40-200 Excel Spreadsheets, 100 MB is approximately: 1000 5-Page MS Word Documents 100 25-slide PowerPoint Presentations 20-100 Excel Spreadsheets, 5 MB is approximately 50 5-page MS Word Documents, 5 25-slide PowerPoint presentations, or 1-5 Excel spreadsheets, depending on complexity.

If you would prefer to make some space, users could always delete some larger files that are no longer need, and suggest that users zip their files before attaching them. Another option to free up storage space is to use the Dashboard wizard to bulk delete expense report attachments. If your users are attaching documents to expense reports, this may be helpful.

To use this feature:

  1. Navigate to Home module > Home tab > Wizards section > Expense report attachment deletion wizard.
  2. Enter Start and End dates for expense reports where you want to delete attachments.
  3. Select whether you want to delete attachments for expense reports that are Approved, or that have been marked Reimbursed.
  4. Click Delete the attachments.

    This will delete all the attachments from the selected expense reports and their receipts for selected date range, freeing up the storage space the attachments are using.

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