Thursday, September 20, 2018

Customer Record Do Not Show Up in Individual Mass Update Preview


Why do some customer records do not show up in Individual Mass Update Preview?

1. Mass update of Individual to reformat the customer name is not applicable for customers that were created when auto-generated numbers is enabled.

2. To verify:
2.1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers.
2.2. Under Entities tab, check if Customer type is enabled.

3. If it is, then all records created when this prefence is enabled are not available for mass update (Reformat Customers Using Last Name First or First Name First). When auto-generated number is enabled, the Name field of the customer record is the same as the number and not the first and last name. And so, the customer record does not qualify for reformatting to last name first or first name first because it has number as a name.

4. If the auto-generated numbering is disabled and yet there are customer records that do not show up in the mass update preview when in fact, user is sure that it is an individual, check the customer record's name, check its ID and name. One possibility is that the auto-gen was enabled during the time that the customer record was created and it was just turned off later.

5. If the mass update preview has results with names that are numeric it does not mean that the records were created when Auto-Generated Number is enabled. Check the system notes and locate the customer ID. Customer ID may have changed from one value to another. This would happen when Auto Name Customers is disabled. When this setting is disabled, user can manually change the Customer ID field of a new record.

To verify:
5.1. Navigate to Setup > Company > General Preferences.
5.2. Verify if Auto Name Customers is checked. 

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