Sunday, September 16, 2018

Customize Mass Update Categories


User would like to remove other categories available under Lists > Mass Update. The current categories are:

  • Mass Updates
  • Saved Mass Updates
  • Update Prices
  • Swap Prices Between Price Levels
  • Mass Duplicate Record Merge

User would like to update Categories to:

  • Mass Updates
  • Saved Mass Updates
  • Duplicate Record Merge

To do this, perform the following steps:

     1. Navigate to Lists > Lists Overview.
     2. In the Settings portlet, click Set Up Custom Tab. Note: Set Up Custom Tab link can also be found on the right hand side next to Personalize and Layout link.
     3. In the Custom Center Tab window, click Save.
     4. Custom Center Tab record opens in View Mode.
     5. In the Content tab > Categories subtab, locate Mass Update.
     6. Click Edit.
     7. In the Custom Center Category window, select the Link to deprecate (e.g. Update Prices), then click Remove.
     8. Click Save.

Note: To recover the standard Mass Update categories, just delete the custom List center tab in Customization > Centers and Tabs > Center Tabs.

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