Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Edit/Change Posting Period on Expense Report


·        Navigate to Transactions > Employees > Enter Expense Reports

·        Unable to edit the Posting Period field value even after user enters in employee name inEmployee field

·        PostingPeriod field is showing Display Type =Inline even if the Expense Report formcustomization shows Screen Fields tab > Main sub tab > PostingPeriod > Display Type is Normal




·        User is able toedit the Posting Period on Expense Reports if the transaction has:

·        Accounting Approval = True (Approval Routing is turned off)

·        Approval Status = Approved (Accounting Approval is enabled under Setup> Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Approval Routing tab)

·        User will need tosubmit the Expense Report with the current value of Posting Periodto users who will be able to approve the transaction and edit its PostingPeriod

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