Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Expense Reports > Accounts Payable account is greyed out andunable to replace its default value


·        Create new Expense Reports using EmployeeCenter or non-Employee Centerrole (i.e. Administrator)

·        Accounts(Payable) field in ExpenseReports is greyed out

·        User or Supervisor is unable to replace thedefault Accounts Payable value inthat field


·        Non-OneWorld :

·        The last Accounts Payable account used in the Vendor Bill (Transactions > Purchases/Vendors> Enter Bills) will be the default Accounts Payable account in the Expense Report

·        OneWorld:

·        The AccountsPayable field value used is the one setup under Setup > Company> Subsidiaries  >  view subsidiary record > Preferences tab > Default Payable Account for Expense Reportsfield


·        Default Accounts Payable field value can onlybe modified / edited once the AccountingApproval checkbox is marked as Truein the Expense Reports.

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