Thursday, September 13, 2018

Guide for Jurisdictions Set-up of Employees who Work in Pennsylvania

If an employee works in Pennsylvania, it is important that correct combinations for fields Local and School Districts are set-up correctly on the Jurisdictions tabs of both the employee and workplace records.  The combinations are used to:

1. Determine the appropriate rates applicable in calculating Earned Income Tax (EIT) for the employee and
2. Determine the correct PSD codes used in filing the taxes

To get the correct combination of Local and School District, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the State of Pennsylvania website:

NOTE: Website can now be accessed outside EST business hours.

a. PSD Codes and EIT Rates box > Lookup by Address
b. The user will be routed to Find Your Withholding Rates by Address page
c. Enter the Street Address, City and Zip Code of the employee's home and workplace address on the field provided.
d. Click View Information
e. The combination of Local and School District will be displayed including the rates for EIT and LST as well as the assigned tax collectors
2. Edit the Employee and Workplace record in NetSuite to enter the correct Jurisdiction combination

Employee record > Payroll tab > Jurisdictions sub tab:
Local = XXX TWP (Home)
School District = XXX S D (Home)

Workplace record > Jurisdictions tab:
Local = XXX TWP (Work)
School District = XXX S D (Work)
- For TWP and SD not available as an option for Local and School District fields after following the above steps, please refer to: Employee record is missing fields or options after recent changes were made.
- Please contact Support if still unable on the specific fields

3. Perform an Update in Payroll Information
- Navigate to Set up > Payroll> Update Payroll Information
- Check Agree box
- Click Commit Updates butto
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