Monday, September 10, 2018

Mobile Phone Field is Not Available on Standard of Custom Entity Forms

There are different phone number fields in the customer/lead/prospect form. User at times, identify standard fields as custom fields especially when the label has been changed.

Problems, like a missing field on the form, may mislead a user that a change with a custom field should be made when in fact it is just a standard field. Two (2) standard phone number fields in the form that doesn't need custom field settings are home and mobile phone number fields.

To isolate the problem, try the following suggestions:

     1. Customize the form and locate the standard phone number fields which may have been labeled under a different name or may have been moved from one tab to another. Make sure that the field had the Show checkbox is checked.

     2. Standard phone number fields in a customer/lead/prospect form are Phone, Alt. Phone, Home Phone and Mobile Phone.
     3. If a custom form is used, fields may have been moved to a different tab.
     4. Check the customer type to which the phone number field does not show up. Home and Mobile Phone are only visible on Individual type of customers. Make sure that the Type field is exposed in the form to see the customer type.
     5. Otherwise, if a field is a custom field, check under Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Entity Fields. Edit the custom phone number field. Make sure that a subtab is selected from the Subtab field under the Display tab.

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