Monday, September 10, 2018

Test Sales Rules and Territories


To test the accuracy of Sales Rules and Territories as an Administrator, the following steps are taken:


1. Create Sales Rule (eg: State = NY) and Territory (eg: if State = NY then Sales Rep = A) using an Administrator role.

2. Create an Employee with a Sales Rep role (Give Access = T).

3. Logout from the Administrator role and login using the email address of the newly created Employee.

4. Under the Sales Rep role, create a new Lead and fill out the fields following the Sales Rules and Territories.

5. Check the Sales tab of the lead record and it is has been assigned to the Sales Rep based on the Sales Rules and Territories.


NetSuite considers the owner of the entities in NetSuite. In effect, if there are instances that an Administrator is logged in, it is owned by the user's (Administrator) Sales Rep role.

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