Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Record or Process Payflow Pro's Voice Authorization in NetSuite.

    • As an overview:
    • Users receive Voice Authorization from the Merchant Bank
    • Some transactions cannot be authorized over the internet (e.g. high dollar amounts) and require manual authorization
    • Voice Authorization transaction is a transaction that is authorized over the telephone from the processing network
    • Users call the Merchant Bank and provide payment information
    • The transaction was approved so the bank gives the customer a Voice Authorization
    • Users treat the Voice Authorization code received as Auth Code on the transaction
    • From an Invoice, users click Accept Payment
    • Click Payment Method and enter the Voice Authorization code in Auth Code field
    • Check Charge Credit Card
    • Click Save. Notice that transaction is not successfully processed/recorded in NetSuite.

    To record/process Payflow Pro's Voice Authorization in NetSuite, perform the following:

    • Process Voice Authorization in Paypal Manager Virtual Terminal

      1. Log in to Enter required field such as Partner, Merchant Login and Password.
      2. Click on Virtual Terminal > Single Transaction.
      Tender Type : Credit Card
      Transaction Type : Voice Authorization
      Credit Card Number : XXXX XXXX XXXX 1111
      3. Click Submit.
      4. Copy the system generated Transaction ID (P/N Ref).
    • Navigate back to NetSuite

      1. Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Create Invoices > List for invoices or Transactions > Sales > Enter Cash Sales > List for cash sales.
      2. Click View next to the Invoice or Edit next to the Cash Sale.
      3. Click Accept Payment, if an invoice.
      4. On Payment Method, check the box for CC Approved. As a reference, copy the Transaction ID from Paypal Manager to the P/N Ref field. Users may opt to enter the Voice Authorization code in the Auth Code field.
      5. Click Save.

      Note: Voice Authorization code consists six alphanumeric characters.

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