Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Customize a Saved Search Which Automatically Sends Email Alert to Sales Reps When New Sales Order Are Entered

Sales reps regularly monitors newly created orders that are entered under their name. This allows them to respond to their customer's order on a timely basis and also be updated on their sales standing.

To create a saved search email alert which automatically sends an email alert to sales rep for newly sales order created, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Transactions .
2. Include these filters under the Criteria tab > Standard sub tab:
  • Type is Sales Order   
  • Main Line is true   
  • Date is within today 

3. Include these fields under the Results tab > Columns sub tab:
  • Number                 
  • Name                 
  • Amount 

* These fields will show in the email message. You can add more fields as desired

4. Under the Email Tab mark the Send Email Alerts When Records are Created/Updated checkbox 
5. Go to the Specific Recipients tab and add an employee name where the email copies will be sent (optional)
6. Go to the Recipients from Results tab and add Sales Rep field
7. Go to the Customize Message tab, set the following:

  • From: "John Doe" <> (This represents the From Address for the Emails Alert. Please follow the strictly format including the "" and <> marks. If this field is blank, emails are sent from the email address defined as the From Address for Search Emails at Setup > Company > Printing, Fax & Email Preferences, on the Email subtab)
  • Subject: New Sales Order Submitted Email Alert  

8. In the body of the message, you can follow the template below or create your own based on it:

Dear {salesrep},

A new sales order was created for {name}. Please see the details below:


* The {results} tag will return the search result in the message body.

9. Save

Now, whenever a new sales order is entered, NetSuite will send an email alert to the assigned sales rep.

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