Monday, November 26, 2018

Add Days to a Date Field via Workflow

Duration: 8 minutes


Disclaimer: This solution only works on client-side scripts

On a Set Field Value action, use the nlapiAddDays to add number of days. Below is the sample formula or scripts:

nlapiDateToString(nlapiAddDays(new Date(nlapiGetFieldValue('expectedclosedate')),14))

Please note that this only supports the DD MONTH, YYYY and YYYY/MM/DD date format (Configured on Home > Set Preferences). See below for an example workflow:
1. Go to  Customization > Scripting WorkflowsNew
2. Set the following:
   Name: Opportunity Date Conversion
   Record Type: Opportunity
   Execute as Admin is checked
   Release Status: Released
   Event Based: On Create and On Update
   Trigger Type: Before Record Load
2. Create State 1
3. Click on New Action > Set Field Value
4. Set the following:
   Trigger On: After Field Edit
   Client Fields: Expected Close
   Parameters: Date
        Formula: nlapiDateToString(nlapiAddDays(new Date(nlapiGetFieldValue('expectedclosedate')),14))
3. To test, go to Transactions > Sales > Create Opportunities
4. Select 11/8/2011 on Expected Close
Date Created set to 11/22/2011 due to the workflow.
Defect 208569 has been filed since not all date format is supported using the nlapiAddDays.

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