Friday, November 9, 2018

Create a Saved Search Showing the Amount of the Customer Deposit, the Applied portion and the Unapplied Customer Deposit Amounts Sorted by Customers

To create a saved search showing the unapplied Customer Deposit amounts, the user can perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New (Administrator).

2. Select Transaction as the Search type.

3. Name the search and set the following:

Criteria tab > Standard subtab:

--Type = is Customer Deposit
--Status = is any of Customer Deposit: Not Deposited, Customer Deposit: Deposited
--Main Line = is false (No)

Results tab:
--Sort By = Name
--Then By = Date

Results tab > Columns subtab:
Add these fields:
--Internal ID | Summary Type = Group
--Date | Summary Type = Group
--Name | Summary Type = Group
--Account | Summary Type = Group
--Amount | Summary Type = Average | Summary Label = Customer Deposit Amount
--Applying Transaction : Amount | Sum | Absolute Value | Summary Label = Applied Amount
--Formula (Currency) | Sum | Formula = max({amount})-abs(sum({applyingtransaction.amount})) | Summary Label = Unapplied Amount

4. Preview/Save the search.

Note: The user can also add "Customer Deposit : Fully Applied" in the Status filter under Criteria tab > Standard subtab, to display all fully applied Customer Deposit transactions.



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