Friday, November 9, 2018

Display the First Line Item of Transactions Using Saved Search

When a field is available on the Results tab but not on the Criteria tab, it could still be used as a Filter by making use of a Formula (Numeric) field:


1. Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New.
2. Choose Transaction.
3. Search Title field: Enter your preferred name for the search (eg. First Line of Sales Orders)
4. Under Criteria tab > Standard subtab, on Filter column, add these criteria.

Take note that on the popup window that will appear, you will have to choose a description, click Set and click the Add button after each criteria to proceed to the next line.

  • Type is Sales Order. (or any other transaction type of interest)
  • Formula (Numeric).
           >> Formula = {line}
           >> Formula (Numeric) = equal to.
           >> Value = 1.

5. Under Results tab > Columns subtab > Field column, click to display a dropdown and add these fields:

  • Item
  • Amount or Amount (Transaction Total).

If you want only the Line Item Amount, select Amount. Otherwise, choose Amount (Transaction Total) for the total of the Sales Order.

6. You may modify the rest of the fields there by clicking the line and then clicking any of the Move Up, Move Down or Delete buttons.
7. You may sort the Results by setting a value for the Sort By dropdown.
8. Click Save and Run.





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