Saturday, November 10, 2018

CSV Import: Journal Entry > Error: Invalid account reference key xx for subsidiary xx


1. Verify if the Account on the CSV Import file has the correct Account format used in the User Interface

-Navigate to Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries.

-Click the Account dropdown list

-Select the Account


2. Verify if the Account is inactive.

Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Accounts.

-Check the Show Inactives box.

-Look for the Internal ID reference in the error.


1. If Internal ID is being used, in the field-mapping page, make sure to click on the small pencil icon beside the Account field and Choose Reference Type = Internal ID instead of Names. 

2. If Internal ID column is not showing, navigate to Home > Set Preferences > General tab > Defaults section > Check the Show Internal IDs box > Save.

-Uncheck the Inactive box on the Account.

-Check also if the Account is associated to the correct Subsidiary.


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