Monday, November 12, 2018

DKIM to Increase Delivery Rates Even for Small Campaigns

DKIM puts something like a digital signature into email header. Some providers can decide to throw away messages without DKIM in header when more emails from same email address arrive to their mail server. Big email providers are doing it, so it is good to set DKIM even though use is not sending huge blasts.

It is a fact of life that providers can decide that NetSuite could be a spammer without the DKIM in header.

To Summarize:
1. Yes it is better to enable DKIM even for smaller blasts.

2.  Some providers in the world can decide to throw away blasts without DKIM (they can detect, example is for  X number of mails coming from the same FROM address, allow those with DKIM and reject those without DKIM).

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