Monday, November 26, 2018

Import Vendor Bills for Expenses Data using One (1) CSV File


NetSuite requires uploading two CSV files when importing Vendor Bills with Expenses data. However there are instances where the user would like to create and use just one CSV file.

Follow the steps below to be able to create just one CSV File and still do the import:

1. Prepare one CSV File for import containing all data.

2. Navigate to Setup > Import / Export > Import CSV Records.

3. Choose:
     Import Type = Transactions
     Record Type = Vendor Bill

4. Choose Multiple Files to upload.

5. In the Primary File - Vendor Bill click Select then select the CSV File in step 1.

6. In the Linked File (Optional) - Vendor Bill Expenses click Select then select the CSV File in step 1 again.

7. Set Data Handling to Add or Update.

8. In the Primary File Key column set it to your primary key like the External ID. Select this as well in the Column field.

9. In the Field Mapping stage > Your Fields section you will find two folders representing the two files you uploaded. Map the fields only in the first folder.

10. Set Import Map Name then click on Save and Run.

Note: This solution will result in errors if the CSV file includes a vendor bill with multiple expense lines as the main file cannot have multiple rows with the same External ID

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  1. How does this work if I have attach supporting documentation to my bills?